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Downie Photography offers high quality photography & video services. We take pride in working with our clients to help see their vision come to life through our expertise and developed style. The atmosphere here at Downie Photo is fast paced & hard working, but always fun. We are not just taking pictures or video, but providing a unique experience for our clients!

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Jeff Downie

Jeff Downie is a versatile and energetic photographer. He is the entire team's fearless leader, blah blah blah... Jeff is great ...blah blah blah. His focus is on people, fashion and fun.

p. 216.659.1765


Emily Metzger

Awkward Commercial Photographer
I enjoy looking at the ground for long periods of time. 
Cleveland Lover 
Always Dancing ... never to the beat  
Donna Summers & 2 Chainz

p. 440.241.4267


Emily Hertzog

I handle production here at Downie Photo
I am very fun & very cool. 


p. 440.503.9459


Kyle Johnston

I used to shoot guns in the Marine Corps. Now I shoot video at Downie Photo.

I have a cat named Plum. He is the lion in my living room.



Cassie Wolf

I've been apart of the Downie Photo Team since 2016 ... interning my life away. 
I'm just as good at cleaning toilets as I am taking pictures. I excel at both. 
I like to eat and I like animals ... two separate things. 

Justine ... just Justine

You can find me on the corner of Superior and 21st, literally. 
I'm the hardest working girl in town. 

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