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Downie Photography offers high quality photography & video services. We take pride in working with our clients to help see their vision come to life through our expertise and developed style. The atmosphere here at Downie Photo is fast paced & hard working, but always fun. We are not just taking pictures or video, but providing a unique experience for our clients!

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Jeff Downie

Once upon a time, deep inside the forests of Youngstown, OH, there stood a man. Despite his 5’9 frame he stood taller than the trees. Wearing nothing but a loin cloth, smile, and twinkle in his eyes, he roamed the wilderness in search for his purpose. With an axe that would make Paul Bunyan himself envious, he thrashed anything that got in his way. Never has a mortal man been more determined to discover his true purpose in life.

One day, after a fight to the death with a grizzly bear, Jeff stood over the 800 pound carcass, cleaning his axe. While shining the battle axe he forged over fire himself, he let out a deep yawn. Jeff had conquered everything he’d ever come across. Both people and wild animals moved aside wherever he walked, like Moses parting the seas. Not even the slain grizzly that lay at his feet was enough to satisfy his thirst of being the greatest of all time. It was in that moment that he knew exactly what he was suppose to be doing with his life. His heart raced faster than the grizzly bear that tried to out-run his inevitable fate. He tried all he could to contain his excitement, but couldn’t resist the smile that crept from ear to ear.

Something here about how he made his way out of the forest and into Cleveland to open his own photography studio. Something something something…. Jeff Downie.


c. 216.659.1765

Emily Metzger

Awkward Commercial Photographer
I enjoy looking at the ground for long periods of time. 
Cleveland Lover 
Always Dancing ... never to the beat  
Donna Summers & 2 Chainz

Cassie Wolf

I've been apart of the Downie Photo Team since 2016!

I am a lead photographic assistant as well as a commercial photographer.

I spend my days laughing while working along side my best friends!

I'm just as good at cleaning toilets as I am taking pictures. I excel at both.
I love to eat and I love animals .... two separate things.

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